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CareerNet partners with teachers and trainers to bring proven, great education to learners of all levels, skills and disciplines. We can't do it without our valued content partners. You bring the course, power point, curriculum. We work with you to modernize it, to certify or accredit it and then, through the use of the CareerNet Learning Platform, we make it available to your target market - world wide.

CareerNet's Process

From the start CareerNet’s curriculum team listens. Working daily with leading teachers and instructors in varied disciplines, CareerNet’s initial goal is to create a culture of team work and easy rapport.
CareerNet draws on its experiences and that of our world class partners to fashion a true solution set for implementation. Then working with you and our designers a draft is readied for delivery to the technology team.
Your content in the hands of CareerNet’s technology team is transformed into engaging, interactive content – designed for smartphone and available in the Apple and Google Play stores. Ready to act as a curriculum for self directed or proctored learning – or as a real time supplement for your live lecture and presentations.
Next, the draft solution is presented to CareerNet’s certification or accreditation partners – adding value to your successful learners and to your modernized curriculum.
Now, tested, you and CareerNet are ready to bring this curriculum to new clients, current clients and the World. CareerNet hosts and manages the distribution – always at your direction and approval. Come work with us, the World is waiting.

Familiar, secure, trusted platform partners.
Cloud based, dedicated servers.

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