The Right People

They are your difference.

Business is a challenge. People make it run.

Let’s get the right people

You start with the interview. We start long before that.

Maybe you begin with a job post or reach out to a recruiter who begins with a job post. Then you delve into your ATS and see the results. You interview people whose resume key words matched your job post key words. You create a short list. You interview again. You select 2 or 3 candidates. Then you have team members and team leaders interview the candidates. Then you discuss your choices.

In the end the choice is made by “gut feel” right?

It shouldn’t be. It doesn’t have to be. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t work.

Let’s do better.


100’s of Applicants? That is not a win.

If your goal is to collect personal data from hundreds or thousand of individuals. Post a job description on a big box job board.

You’ll average more than 200 applicants per job posted.

If you don’t you are not using the job board correctly.

If you are using it correctly, you’ll be paying the job board to add more hours to your HR people. Hundreds more hours.

Before you interview a single candidate.

Creating Anxiety Isn’t the best way.

Nearly everyone thinks they know how to interview. They recall their own best interviews and try to replicate that experience, or they remember a poor interview they had and try not to replicate that experience.

The typical interview is a power dynamic. One person has all the power. One person has no power.

What are you finding out about the candidate? Are they likable to you? Do you get a good feeling about them? Can they be a member of the team looking to hire them based upon their ability to handle a personal exam of their behavior and ability to communicate slightly beyond their resume?

Does this sound like the best environment to determine who is the best fit for your company? Maybe it’s time for a change.

Really know an applicant before the become candidate.

Most of our clients either don’t have the time or don’t know how to do this.

It takes some effort. Background checks only say so much. Calling references or past employers has little value. References love them, past employers hold a grudge. Where is the value?

What you really want is to know 2 things at a minimum:

Is this person capable of doing the job to our company standards.

Will this person be comfortable working within the group they will be assigned to.

You’ll need a long-term focus and thousands of test subjects to do this right.

We’ve already done the work.

In a short series of meetings over a day in your offices, or by video conference, we couple our experience with your company expertise to develop the right plan that gives you confidence in your hiring method and process.

You’ll start selecting the right candidates overnight.

They are hired, now what?

If you worked with us, you are in great shape.

But if you are like most companies, your version of on-boarding goes something like this:

An orientation with HR. A few weeks of shadowing your co-workers. A lunch or after hours with your manager or an executive officer.

Then you expect them to begin performing. On-Boarding is not a HR Term, nor should it be.

As you may imagine, we see it differently.

A better approach: Focus on training key skills and responsibilities for the position.

Actually, create that framework. It takes time.

But, if you are hiring 25% of your staff every year, you have a new business every 4 years and half a new business every 2 years. Attrition is linked to more than comp. It correlates with performance.

The right people, prepared properly are your secret weapon.

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