CoachingManagement Training

Understandng how the organizational culture effects employee performance. How to lead as both a coach and a manager.

Is your company growing so quickly that it can’t hire or train enough entry level managers to meet its growth demands? This was the problem faced by a wireless carrier. They requested CareerNet’s assistance in management training to include 3 important requirements; cultural fit, training suited to a younger generation of managers and bi-lingual training.

Working with the company’s HR department, the trainee group gained an overview of coaching and mentoring, basic management theory and strategy designed for their national culture, all with an eye towards international expansion.

Trainees learned to assess their own behavioral strengths and weaknesses, gained an understanding of their current management practices and their impact on directly reporting employees.

Management Candidates
Self and Employee Assessment
Online/L1, Online,Classroom/L2
1 year+ Corporate Employment