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LessonsOil IndustryEntry Level Inspectors

February 3, 2021

Developed new digital learning resources for major programs in support of entry level Inspector positions for Mechanical Quality, Welding, Electric and Safety. 

This course may be readily modified to suit a national or regional standards-based initiative to meet changing mandates.

Each of the 100 hour, 4 week programs included curriculum, teaching materials, teacher training, student workbooks and assessments. With introduction of the CareerNet standardized learning curriculum, clients have grown the capacity of both their inspection programs and recruiting. Class sizes range from 50 to100 new students monthly. 

During the project’s curriculum development phase, staff and industry subject matter experts in the inspection trades collaborated directly with CareerNet training and curriculum professionals – speeding the curriculum approval and delivery timeline. By working hand in hand with agency professionals and teaching staff through the intelligent use of remote and on-site training throughout the process, CareerNet and its certification partner City & Guilds, were able to ensure that the learning materials produced were appropriate for the specific learning goals and requirements of the agency responsible for this national initiative


50 - 100 trainees. 4 weeks
Skills Learned:
Inspection, Industry standards
Skills Learned:
Process management
English Language
Secondary School Degree
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