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Abu DhabiMeetingTraining for a Nation

April 15, 2020

The Tourist Guide Training & Licensing programme, an immersive and in-depth training course for aspiring, licensed tour guides. Aspiring tour guides and offers them the practical and theoretical tools to operate to an international standard. In line with the Department of Tourism mission to support the development of  its Nation into a destination of distinction, the programme calls on the local community and tourism industry professionals to use their passion for, and knowledge of, the history and heritage of their Nation to provide visitors with unique and authentic experiences.

With the new curriculum and advanced courses, this National tourism department, plans to expand its hospitality and tourism attractions as a vital and ever-burgeoning national industry.  The programme aims to improve the quality of local tourist guide knowledge and enhance their engagement skills, ultimately improving the tourist experience.

The programme has been carefully designed to offer an extensive curriculum to shortlisted applicants, covering all aspects of attractions in your Nation, the culture and heritage of the your Nation, first-aid, guiding principles and skills, group management and emergencies. Along with recurring periods of self-study and practical training, the trainees will also undertake a written assessment and give a mock presentation and city tour in order to obtain their license.



Class Size:
20 - 200
Skills Taught:
Presentation, Organization, Hospitality
Your Nation
Pre-Requisite Skills:
Local Knowledge, Language Certification