Machine Operator, Steel Works


A mission critical position was struggling to find motivated machine operators for the long term.
hiring solution

The Details

Recently we were asked to assist in sourcing an individual to operate a mission critical steel splitting machine. This company had recently moved from the Mid Atlantic to the Southeast and a number of its employees were not interested in moving.

They had spent time and money on job boards and when this failed, hired experienced operators from the mid-west, paid for their moving expenses and lost them to another operator in a few months.

Lots happening here. But the client was motivated.

We recommended a simple training framework and sourced 2 young candidates with some experience and with the company’s cooperation, train them to operate the machine. We then organized a paid training program of three entry level candidates.

When their training is complete, we expect six months, these entry level people can be hired full time, reposted or find work as experienced machine operators with other companies.

Our client has successfully solved their personnel concerns long-term at this mission critical position and can operate 2-3 shifts 7 days a week.  They no longer recruit for this position.