Aircraft Mechanics


An Aircraft parts maintenance company could not find mechanics to fulfil its growing service requests. Here is what we learned and implemented.

The Details

Not long ago, we began working with a private company reliant on skilled mechanics.

This company would spend months searching for the right applicants then a few weeks negotiating their compensation, only to lose them to bigger companies within 12 months.

We recognized that the company had great in-house training capability. So we worked with them to source entry and second level mechanics that needed training and experience while creating a training framework and materials unique to the company. These materials have become a competitive advantage.

They consistently hire entry-level mechanics and offer raises and promotion to the best. Those that elect to move on to other organizations retain a positive experience with our client.

The result? Our client has a consistent labor source and we have a client we are confident will enhance our candidates’ career paths.

Their revenues continue to grow. Our candidates continue to gain experience and grow their careers. The company is never short on high quality, motivated mechanics.