People Development.

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Great people grow your business better, faster, on mission.

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First, you need a solid plan.

At CareerNet, our companies share a core mission: “To improve people for job and career success”.

We collaborate with companies so that we know their culture, their mission, their long-term goals.

In the short-term that may be more people, better management, improved productivity, faster growth.

For the long-term we are building companies with sustainable, consistent, long-term employees.

These simple ideas direct all our services AND our employees.

We define our own success in simple ways.

  • Organizations that have grown after working with us.
  • Numbers of people whose careers are more productive having worked with us.
  • Organizations whose people have succeeded.

Why companies struggle to develop their people

Companies at any stage in their growth curve focus primarily on three things:

1. Growth
2. Product and Services Quality
3. Profitability

Executing these 3 directives in a competitive economy is challenging. People make it happen, but too often people are seen as another asset or liability.

CareerNet has been developing people for better careers since 2010. We’ve done it for nations, companies and educational institutions.

One individual at a time.

We’ve identified the people hurdles companies face and solved them. Things like motivation, company changes, even behaviors.

Developing people consistently over time isn’t easy. But during the last decade we’ve learned a thing or two about people and how they see their careers.

Our Commitment to People Development

To overcome People Challenges, you have to be committed. That alone can be difficult for organizations. Organizations have their own mandates unique to themselves.

CareerNet sees People Development differently. Not a one-time event but a continuous process. It requires ongoing effort, commitment, and reinforcement over an extended period.

Sustaining motivation and engagement can be challenging when you are a business. Especially, when immediate results are not readily apparent.

CareerNet is a People First organization.

It’s Included

Yes, people development is included in each of our services.

As consultants to companies, nations, learning institutions, we know that every project regardless of mandate requires people development, training, teaching, testing and assessing.

Our framework offers career development and guidance to all the candidates we source. Training that is unique to your company.

We also offer training to the people who apply but need additional qualifications or experiences to be considered.

That’s why our framework includes training during and after setup. Training people and consistently improving their skills makes our services better and your company more productive for the long-term.

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