Align your people with the Mission

Achieving “Buy-In” is the new retention strategy.

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Successful companies know the power of staying on mission.

“If it were possible to establish conditions where people could become united with a firm spirit of teamwork and be a part of something bigger than themselves in pursuit of excellence for their customer, then such an organisation would do great things in any industry or any economy. While doing so, it would attract the best of likeminded people to the mission and the organization’s success.”

adapted from Masura Ibuka, Founder, SONY, 1945

Don’t dream it. Create the framework.


Bring your people, new hires and current staff, to the mission.


Create it once. Implement it carefully. Build loyalty within.


Performance Metrics, Growth Pathways, Achievement.

Align your people with your mission.

When your leadership, managers and team members are all performing in their jobs and staying on mission you have achieved “alignment”. It is not a simple task, but the benefits are substantial. Your company grows faster. Innovates faster. Improves the quality of products and services delivered. Increases customer loyalty. Your people grow. Your company performs.

Alignment is more than motivation. It’s far more powerful than hiring a few expensive superstars. In fact, you have future superstars among your staff members right now. You simply need to give them clarity or purpose, responsibilities, and the rewards to match.

Provide these pathways, stay on mission and then you’ll have achieved alignment.

We can help.


Creating the Framework

A Framework is a unique solution that starts with your mission, years 1, 2 and 3 goals, and then locks your people into their achievement. It maps out responsibilities by role, defines success by role, with clear pathways to personal growth.

It tells every member of the organization why their role is crucial to the success of the mission. It brings them an understanding of their value, how it is defined and how it benefits the client and your company.

Where people lack the skills or tools to perform in their role, we give them the tools and the training to use them. In any virtually any industry, and at any level.

Clarity, a key element in achieving objectives.

Being clear is difficult. Clear to one person is not clear to another. That’s why you’ll first need to build consensus among your company leaders on key elements. Mission, yes, but also goals and performance. Then your leaders can work on clarity.

That clarity work will pay dividends with your managers and by extension their team members. Clarity is a skill. It requires practice and active, motivated listeners.

In speaking with thousands of candidates, applicants and operators, we’ve learned simple techniques to be certain communication within an organization is clear at every level, every position. A mission, goals, and framework are for everyone, not just for the company leaders.

It needs to be accessible to everyone.   

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