People, not resumes

Your talents, experiences and interests matched with the right career tools. Think where you could be tomorrow, in a week, in a year. It's big!
A complete toolset and the pedigree to match, that's CareerNet. Step by step solutions to your career aspirations. CareerNet and you, let's get the future you deserve.
Jobs, careers, and the training to get there.

Not a resume, a Profile

Your profile, your experiences, your interests are always evolving and growing. Your profile tells the world who you are. Let’s keep it organized so you control your own story, your own narrative. Keep adding to it and adjusting it to mark changes in your personal growth and progress. We will keep it available for you and those seeking to hire new talent and experience.

Dip a toe in the water.

Seek new career opportunities. Search and apply with confidence. Our employer partners are looking for people with talent, cultural fit and aptitude, not pools of the same old resumes. Along the way we are here to offer advice and assistance that makes sense to you. And definitely sign up for new alerts!

Stand out from the crowd

Ready to show who you really are? Our assessment provides the way. In three parts you answer questions that tell employers what your superpowers are – all backed by science. Developed to remove bias from the application and hiring process and backed by years of ongoing custom research by our own occupational psychologists. It’s used by companies that value fit over experience. Completing our assessment makes you stand out instantly.

Grow your Value

Now is your time to shine. We all have skills gaps, now you can fill them confidently. CareerNet is known world wide for its training. Our experts have designed work ready and skills gaps training for governments, nations, companies world wide. Success means certification to international standards. More importantly, success means you have grown and can verify skills our employer partners are seeking. Our training works.

"Compare yourself to who you were yesterday, not to who someone else is today"