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Q: What is CareerNet, Really?
A: It's a place to achieve your career and job goals
CareerNet brings all the tools you need together in an affordable, manageable place. Searching for jobs? CareerNet does that. Trying to understand the skills needed to get that dream job? CareerNet has that. Trying to navigate the maze of resumes in front of you and behind you? CareerNet has solutions for that too. CareerNet's mission is to provide easy steps that improve your job and career prospects. We've been doing this since 1996 for large companies, schools and even nations seeking to make their people better, more successful and improve their lifestyles. It may take a little work to get there, but with CareerNet you can be certain that you are on the right path.
Q: What should I do first?
A: Just Start!
A great career is your goal. That's why you are here. But most people don't know how to get there on their own. That's were CareerNet comes in. We take the guess work out of your career process. We have worked with hundreds of companies and educators in many nations. We know what they need in the people they hire and teach. And now we have brought together all the tools to make it simple for you to be one of those people. There are 4 steps to finding the career that's best for you, and getting that job you want in an industry that is exciting to you! Everyone is different, everyone has unique skills and experiences. They are, each one of them valuable. Follow these steps to get the business you organized and into an exciting career.
Q: What Do I Need?
A: Any Internet Connected Device - But a smartphone is the best!
Some of our Staff grew up using pc's and macs. But most grew up with smartphones. CareerNet learned from the smartphone generation. It's the best and easiest device to use and we all know how to use it. That's why everything CareerNet offers: business classes, job training, profile qualifications and certification of skills are all available on your smartphone. Sure you can use a laptop or tablet if you like, but smartphone is always within reach. We are a solution for smartphone users. Checkout some of CareerNet's apps for smartphone. Students and pros love them.
Q: What Does it cost?
A: There are lots of options starting with FREE, but the average amount paid by individuals is around $120.00 per year.
Or, $9.99 per month. For this you get business skills certification, a profile qualification, unlimited job search and applications, plus access to CareerNet super counselors and our certified support team. You will have access to the tools most people need to get that great job., regardless of their back ground. There is a great future for everyone. CareerNet removes the barriers.
Q: How much school do I need?
A: A high school degree at a minimum. But we work with people at all levels, Phd's, masters degrees, undergraduates and high school degrees.
CareerNet has been training and teaching people for careers since 1996. Our clients; Businesses, Schools, Colleges or Nations know that trusted qualifications from world class training matters. That's why they work with CareerNet; to help them find, hire and train qualified people. In that time we have learned what training works, what training adds value, what companies training their people want most. We offer it to anyone with the motivation to learn and get ahead. And if you need academic gaps filled, we have an app for that too!