Business Growth Begins with People

Technologies are not the answer to your growth and productivity.


With a single, unique framework our experts, in collaboration with your best people, will build a holistic solution that puts your company in control. Your company’s solution to:

Growth, Profitability, Creativity, Competitive dominance and, YES, ongoing recruiting and hiring needs.


That’s the promise from the experts at CareerNet.


Improve Your People

The people you have now are great. Bring back their passion & productivity. Keep them on “Mission”.


Growth from Solid Foundations

Like your company, people need to grow. They need new and bigger challenges. Create the framework to prepare them.


Source for Greatness

Job Boards and ATS promote mediocrity. They waste hours of time. Do it right. Fix your process once. Find better people.

The Hiring Trap

Somehow companies forgot what makes a business great and sustainable. It isn’t Job Boards, Recruiters or Temps.

End the ATS Nigtmares

Once, an ATS was mission critical. Now, it’s filled with fake applications or unqualified candidates. Let’s fix that fast.

Transient Expertise

Keep your best. Losing expertise is a blow to every company. Create a framework that keeps them. Talent should be sticky.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is CareerNet?

CareerNet was founded in 1994 to bring thoughtful solutions to the modern workplace. At CareerNet, we’ve helped small companies, big companies, even nations grow their business using proven, scalable, long-term solutions that work in any industry and any economic environment.

These are holistic solutions that make your existing staff or new hires better.

We do the work. Innovative Training, selection, sourcing and hiring. It’s a complete framework developed in collaboration with your company, unique to your short and long term needs.

Rooted in evidence and focused on transformation, our approach leverages technology and tailored curricula to improve productivity and performance for your business across all industries.

What is the CareerNet Framework?

Our core focus is our client’s success. We collaborate with clients in their pursuit of success in whichever way they define it. Success may be enjoyed companywide; revenues, profits, management, productivity.   

But it begins with people. Our solutions are people focused. Whether it’s improving your current people, workforce development, team development, skills-based onboarding, or single hires, we view people as your long-term answer.  

That is CareerNet. Developing, finding, improving people and their contribution to your company. Our leaders are people from many industries and backgrounds who either built or grew companies as managers, founders, and executives.

Regardless of the industry, it was people who made the difference between success and failure in each of our previous ventures,   

We have created holistic solutions to solve corporate problems as stakeholders, owners, and employees. Now we offer our solution set to your company, organization, or enterprise.

Any size any location any industry.  

What has CareerNet done?

Our portfolio includes over 500 projects. 

All our associates enjoy outstanding track records, have contributed to major initiatives around the world, and are recognised as leaders in their respective fields and disciplines. 

Finally, we offer an unparalleled advantage related to our internationally accredited programs. In collaboration with world renowned organizations such as City & Guilds and the Institute of Leadership & Management, our clients are guaranteed the best quality. 

Does CareerNet Recruit?

The answer is yes and no. We recruit in a pinch to fill positions fast for existing clients. We stopped traditional recruiting years ago because we found that recruited people are far less productive with higher rates of attrition regardless of their resume and references and interview success. There are far better solutions, you’ll need to break with tradition to do it. CareerNet sources its candidates both passively and actively, through direct communication, as well as in collaboration with certain regional workforce development programs. We then spend the time assessing and verifying each candidate before adding them to our active rosters. We continuously enhance these rosters with the best candidates available. We also work with candidates pro-actively to fill their skills gaps through training, skills review and skills testing.