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Companies need to Grow. The right people make that happen.


Our CareerNet Community Job Group‘s main purpose is to be a resource connecting people seeking employment directly to employers seeking to hire them. It is for employers (businesses formally hiring permanent or temp employees), employment candidates, people representing employers, and recruiters. This group is recruiter friendly. We monitor them for posts and content.

Who is it for? 

Recruiters, employees, employers and all staff in between can find information, resources, advice. We’ll post links to our website(s) blogs posts for both current trends and general hiring/staffing challenges and, too an extent, reflect the challenges faced by the type of businesses that join our groups, new opportunities and support here.

Job Seekers

To those in a career or seeking their next career. Overall, our CareerNet Job Communities are intended to be a welcoming space for local and regional businesses. They are for everyone. No matter where you are on your journey to career fulfillment. Let us help you build your network, support circle, and identify the factors influencing your career development. 

Why we do this free

For more than a decade, we have watched as Big Box job boards have contributed to the decline of quality hiring. We have watched technology companies try to improve hiring results. None of it works well. So, we are bringing back a moderated forum which will rely on people and community members to manage their hiring and recruiting. The old is new again. 


Honesty. Integrity.

Fake posts or jobs misrepresnted in any material way will result in a company and individual ban. Say what you mean. Do whay you say.

No Spam. No Silliness.

Self-Promotion, spam, irrelevant links will be removed without warning. The party will be reported and blocked.


Our communities see the posts. They see the comments. Keep it professional for your own benefit and the benefit of the community.

CareerNet Nation

CareerNet Nation has one mission. To develop and improve people for careers. Regardless of academic background or work experience, everyone has the ability to obtain a great career.  Unlike ATS and Job Boards, we see people not data. People want to succeed. We train and teach them so they they have the tools to do that. We then bring them to our vetted employers for interview. Our employers then get motivated, work ready people.  

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Business growth solutions. Frameworks, Pathways, people

CareerNet Global

People Development at scale for nations, ministries, educators.

CareerNet Nation

Developing professionals from all backgrounds for better jobs and careers.

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Short-term hiring solutions to critical hiring needs. Interview ready candidates.