Quick Job Details: 



  • Salary: $140,000 – $160,000 a year 
  • Job Type: Full-time 
  • Number of hires for this role: 1
  • Location: Naples, Florida USA



Job Qualifications



  • Management Experience: 3 years (Required) 
  • Leadership Experience: 4 years (Required) 
  • Associate (Preferred) 



Job Description



Local restaurant group is looking for a Director of Operations to over-see five (5) – seven (7) venues / locations. Applicants must be organized and highly detail oriented. This position requires dependable autonomy on independent projects as well as a strong sense of leadership when interacting with the fellow team members. 



At its core, this position dictates the financial health of our restaurant locations across and thus determines the growth and success of the business. A strong working knowledge of PNLs is required. Experience with inventory, invoices, payroll, and scheduling along with an understanding of professional vendor relationships is necessary to excel. 



Candidates must possess the ability to hire, train, develop, and maintain a vast management staff. Provide a positive and leading presence that encourages all staff members to work at their greatest potential. 



Applicants must stay abreast of the ever-changing local and state standards of business in regards to licensing, trainings, and requirements. A strong foundation of alcohol safety and service is a base requirement. 



Applicants will be responsible for overseeing a marketing team to be sure that the brand is clear and appealing to promote growth of business. 



This tremendous opportunity is matched with a competitive base salary paired with bonus programs from each venue. This position will grow with the expanding company and is an incredible opportunity for a motivated candidate!