When results are nation critical, contact CareerNet's project experts. For more than 10 years, CareerNet has collaborated with government agencies of commerce, education and security to develop bespoke training or education initiatives. These projects have delivered training and education to 100's of thousands of learners, on-line, on-campus, in the field or in seminar settings. Responsive and collaborative, our curriculum experts can also work with your existing training or education material to improve learner outcomes.

Regionally or nationally, the goal may be improved academic results, work skills accreditation and certification, or licensing new skilled labor or professionals. Continuing education too!

CareerNet now offers remote proctoring, high stakes environment, testing solutions.

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Government level projects may be as short as six months or as long as 10 years. In either case, CareerNet builds solutions that are world class and wholistic, unique to national cultures and regulations.

Serving the needs of clients since 1996, we are here for the duration of your mission.

Our approach
to building your proper solution set

Regional or Nationwide training and education solutions are mission critical decisions with much in the balance. Our government level clients require flexible, results driven solutions that are dependable and address their modern goals.

We are proud to assist in the advancement of your students and workforce, irrespective of their education levels and experience. By focusing on verified best practices we bring new skills to young and seasoned professionals alike to enhance a nation’s productivity by sector, by agency, by individual.

We train leaders to be great. We train managers to transform themselves and their teams into cohesive and productive units. Skilled managers and leaders are the key to a creative, productive, engaged and high performing workforce. CareerNet gives leaders, both new and seasoned, the confidence, tools and systems to succeed.
The use of “Bespoke” as a descriptive is not a cliche. We began by tackling the toughest assignments in our theaters of operation. Many were full reboots of previously failed efforts.
Careful Analysis precedes all our efforts. We begin by first listening and understanding your key directives and goals. Next we draw on our experiences and that of our world class partners to fashion a true solution set for implementation.
Respect and Professionalism
We act with personal responsibility, respect and commitment. Our directors are available and on call to match your schedule and needs. Our reputation for high quality work, ethics and standards remains the hallmark of CareerNet.
Solution Set
We consistently approach even the most complex challenges with positivity, and proactive engagement.
Dynamic Leadership
We consistently approach even the most complex challenges with positivity, and proactive engagement.

Recent Projects

Recent Projects