Our Process for Your Framework

Long-term, sustainable growth by unique design

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Build a framework for long-term success with your people as the foundation.

Our unique framework leverages all our skills and passions to ignite growth for your company.

It’s about leveraging strengths, adjusting for weaknesses and growing companies that also grow careers. It’s also about building a sustainable workforce, packed with expertise, aligned with the company’s mission and goals.

That’s the CareerNet Framework.

 60 Days to a Growth Company.

60 Days to an Aligned Company.

60 Days to long-term, sustainable success.

The same 60 Days. In collaboration with the company leaders we create a 3 year growth framework focused on your people. Our process is simple.

The results – your organization has a renewed sense of mission and the pathway, tools and people to achieve it.

Learning about you

A structured, unobtrusive look into your people and company.

The Sessions

Two on-site 3 hour group sessions with company leadership.

Framework Document

A unique roadmap to grow your company and your people.

A full in-house analysis of your company.

When seeking help from outside organizations, you need to be sure the people you choose know your business. CareerNet professionals come from many backgrounds and have led, worked for, and advised many businesses in many industries. They also represent people with the skills and qualities companies need to grow. CareerNet is about improving people. People improve business.

To be certain your company receives the right recommendations and a framework for success, we spend the time needed on-site or by video conference (your preference) to meet key leaders / stakeholders and get to know who they are, where they stand and how they view your company in its present state.

We listen. We review. We apply our diverse backgrounds and expertise to what we have learned and then prepare for a strategic session that includes your company leadership.

Collaborative Sessions

We recommend a half day of in-person sessions with company leadership as a group. Two, 2-3 hour sessions with a two hour break in between. CareerNet brings people back into aligned focus. 

Session 1 – We clarify any outstanding questions from our Learning efforts. We review and facilitate consensus of the company mission then goals.

Session 2 – We gather to discuss recommendations for position and people development. Performance indicators for varied roles.

We take it all back to the office and develop your Company Framework document.

Framework Document – A unique roadmap to grow your company and your people.

The framework document is the pathway to achieving your growth goals. But it does more than give you a map. It is the performance and alignment document for your leadership and your people. 

You map to growth for your company and people.

Document Sections:

Mission & Goals years 1, 2 & 3. Not just growth goals, but also personnel goals. Existing and new people. Also, what needs to be accomplished in the short term to meet your goals.

Tools: We recommend new tools or upskilling for underused tools already adopted by the company. When new tools are recommended, we train for their use and integration into your work processes. Or we can handle it all for you. Some clients chose to outsource to us certain elements of their growth strategy. Either way, it’s about smart, trained-in efficiency. Tech solutions make your bad processes bigger and your good processes better. CareerNet is Tech agnostic. Tech is an amplifier of everything, not a solution to any business problem. 

People: We recommend the people you may need. You interview them and decide if they are right for your company. Equally as important, we will prepare curriculum and train your current people. You’ll gain productivity, your people will grow, your retention will improve and you’ll develop experts along the way.

Review: Your leaders review the document – request clarity or changes – and we deliver the final document.

This is generally a 60 – day process start to finish.

We stay on it until you are confident in your path. Sourcing new people, training and upskilling your current people.


We follow up with key members of your company weekly. This is no more than 30 minutes, but typically is accomplished by email or video call. Most mandates have a 60-day timeline. Your people get better. Your company grows. 

When the company outsources elements of their growth process to us, we stay on for as long as needed. We aren’t just people finders and developers. Our solutions build careers within your organization.

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