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Whether your company is seeking to train, recruit, on-board, assess or certify employees for promotion, advancement or to meet competitive trends, CareerNet has your solution.

CareerNet works collaboratively with your team to enhance existing training or create bespoke training to meet your company's specific learner outcomes.

We are curriculum and design experts first. Training and teaching are our passion, learner outcomes are the goal.

Short for time? Select from CareerNet's vast library of certified training for entry level to the executive suite. These courses are proven and certified, and may be enhanced or modified to match your company's training goals.

Have a look at our large scale projects below and reach out to us for a demo.

Large Scale Projects

Your training team can see the field, CareerNet's curriculum and design team break it down into digestible modules, building learner competency and confidence one step, one concept at a time.

CareerNet's curriculum experts work with you and your existing content or training concepts to develop courses designed to achieve the learner outcomes you intend. CareerNet's courses have delivered productivity training, compliance training and pre-hire assessment and development solutions.

Successful learners earn digital and paper certification in your livery. Match training and certification with productivity and you have developed a winning solution for your company and its employees.

Delivered by Smartphone via Learning Assistant

Our experience in delivering content via LMS has been similar to your own. As much work is spent on design, upload and modification as was spent on developing content. Sometimes more. Learner outcomes were less than expected, and the learner engagement was worse.

Until we launched the Learning Assistant. Finally a solution that required corporate training and content experts to deliver the training materials - only. CareerNet's curriculum and design teams do the rest. Sure Learning Assistant has all the LMS bells and whistles to oversee employee progress assessment and testing.

But it is content engagement and retention trainers and educators are really seeking. In this aspect, Learning Assistant is a leap forward.

Have your employees download our app, or one CareerNet designs in your livery, from the Google Play or App Store. Next provide them with a single user code linked to their training content. It's that simple.

Learning Assistant is used for self-directed training, in seminars and classrooms. Learners love that it is smartphone delivered. Contact us for a demonstration. And the cost? in a word, "Competitive".

Selected Projects

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