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FAQ CareerNet

Who is CareerNet? 

CareerNet is a people business. Our initial focus is your company’s workforce development.
Ongoing sourcing, training and qualifying of people for full-time, entry-level positions.

We build a framework that produces initial results and then evolves with the strategies of your business.

It’s a wholistic approach. Our framework includes sourcing, training and qualifying people for Level 1 and Level 2 positions as well.

It is our goal to elevate your people from trainee positions through two promotions.

We consider success to be the increased productivity, engagement, and happiness of your staff. This comes when they succeed in moving your company forward.

In 1996 we began as a tech focused job board. Realizing the limitations of job boards, we built a commercial grade ATS system under the name, HR SMART. Both solutions came from asking the same question, “How do we improve companies where it matters most in the current business environment?” The answer was always “Find better people.”

For traditionalists, we still offer recruiting services which we see as short-term fixes to long term problems. Many companies need to fill important vacated positions and ask us to find people who fit their requirements. So, we combine the best of HR Technologies with experienced recruiting professionals to offer full service and hybrid recruiting solutions under the names CareerNetPro and JustInterview.  Existing online enables convenient, cost effective and immediate broad access, but our real strength is our people working behind the lines.

On one hand, we serve the specific needs of specific businesses with a focus on their (your) unique team-culture. On the other hand, we attract talent and offer skills training and certifications as well as job coaching to develop the careers of tomorrow’s professionals and labor force (under the name CareerNet Nation). We build confidence and strategic plans for both ends of the work force to ultimately solve The Sum is Greater than the Parts Equation. Our goal is to help you build a rewarding, successful and fulfilling workplace one qualified employee at a time.

CareerNet is our Workforce Advisory and Consulting group. CareerNet works with large multi-national organizations and agencies to solve large scale and on-going workforce and employment problems through proper assessment, world-class skills testing, skills training, and education. Workforce and employment problems are generally systemic and require a wholistic, long term commitment in their solutions. 

Is CareerNet still a Job Board? 

The answer is no, but people often associate CareerNet with its original job board solution. Founded in 1996, CareerNet built one of the original job boards and then created one of the original ATS solutions to manage the massive resume databases its job board generated. Our HR technology lineage gives us significant advantages in sourcing candidates quickly and at great price points. We understand the limitations of resume data pools and the frustrations many HR or Hiring professionals face daily. In our internal efforts to solve these frustrations that we created a unique and effective method for recruiting candidates across all industries. 

How does CareerNet drive your hiring success? 

While our initial focus with companies and their workforce development is generally the ongoing sourcing, training and qualifying of people for full-time, entry-level positions, our framework includes sourcing, training and qualifying people for Level 1 and Level 2 positions as well. It is our goal to elevate your people from trainee positions through two promotions. However, we do so only under the Company’s direction to match their needs and expectations.

Each position will have an optional paid training period ranging in duration from 90 days to 360 days based upon our collaboration with the Company. During this training period, Workforce Trainees will be assessed for proficiency and skills gaps, subject to continuous improvement, at a minimum of 2x per 90-day period.

The framework, developed in collaboration and cooperation with key Company trainers, will provide details of the skills, knowledge and behaviors needed for these qualifications.

All training materials and manuals will be available by app on trainee’s smartphone. Laptop or desktop access will also be available. Qualification testing and review may also be offered, as appropriate, through the app. The app will enable a trainee to access its materials at the Company’s discretion and will be locked up in case of employee separation or termination by the Company.

CareerNet’s review and prescreening assessments of applicants allows us to present you with a focused pool of individuals who bring the experience, skills and— equally important—the earnest desire to develop and thrive in your business.   They are truly pre-qualified candidates. You launch past the initial avalanche of data into a group of real applicants ready for your specific needs and available for you to determine your match. People do this. Algorithms and search filters can’t. 

How is CareerNet different from other job posting and recruitment places? 

First, we don’t just compile jobs and applicants and shovel the data volume your way.  We’re not compilers.  We don’t sell data disguised as key word matched resumes. CareerNet learns about you—your business, your culture and what really makes you tick. 

We don’t simply provide you with an applicant basket full of lofty qualifications—you’re capable of doing that on your own.   

CareerNet assesses your needs and purpose when filling a specific position at your organization. Then we tap into our pool of qualified applicants to provide you with a tight group of matching applicants, facilitating your opportunity to secure a motivated and productive match between your organization and your hire.  And we can do it all with a single phone call of 20 – 30 minutes.

In collaboration with the Company, our objectives are to ensure that:

  • the Company meets or exceeds its entry level, level 1 and level 2 hiring and personnel requirements to grow its business.
  • training meets Company quality expectations, delivers the knowledge, skills, and behaviours each unique employer needs.
  • training will include a pathway for progression / advancement once in employment.
  • training provides occupational relevance for all trainees, whether selected for permanent positions or not selected by the Company, including assessments and qualifications.

Learn more details about how it works. 

What fields / industries does CareerNet source? 

Our pool of talent flows across a broad range of professions and occupations: engineers including among others mechanical, chemical, electrical, aerospace, tech, cloud, data optimization; accounting, bookkeeping, payroll; human resource; management; consumer sales and B-to-B; security; management and support; biotech, health and research; labor; construction; transportation—in other words, we source and attract talent across industries and in between.

We’re about people. We source dedicated people with goals. If you have a need, just ask. Contact us without risk.

How do I get started?

Reach out to CareerNet for your free consultation. We can work with you in the method you prefer. Email only, Phone, video calls, chat. Whichever you prefer. Everyone has a work process they are comfortable with. We respond in kind. 

How will I assess my organization’s results with CareerNet? 

This is not a question for metrics. This is not rocket science (unless you’re actually hiring a rocket scientist—we can find them, too). When you hire the right person—the person that fits your organization and needs—then we’ve succeeded. We use simple metrics to determine our own success:

  • Speed of placement.
  • Longevity of placed candidate.
  • Repeat business from happy clients.

Where does CareerNet source it’s candidates?

CareerNet sources it’s candidates both passively and actively. We then spend the time to assess and verify each candidate before adding them to our active rosters. We spend a lot of time enhancing these rosters with the best candidates available.

We also work with candidates pro-actively to fill their skills gaps through training, skills review and skills testing.

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