Recruiting Budget not showing enough ROI?

Think you know Hiring? Think Again.
June 6, 2022

Do you want Great Employees from Day #1 ?

What skills and traits are hiring MUST-HAVES ?


Ugh. That was our reaction to reading most career and HR focused writing. Ugh.

We found ourselves scratching our heads and flexing eyebrows at the banality of it all.

Frankly we grew tired of the hiring clickbait headlines too.

Complaints and Data. Complaints about data. Misgivings about Tech. Out right fear of tech. Labor shortages. Too much unqualified labor. Come on folks.

Business is a challenge. People make it run. Let’s get the right people. Or at least train our own people to make them right.

If any of this makes sense to you, read on.

What we see and have seen.

Founded in 1996, CareerNet is a world leader in recruiting, training and educating top employees for the world’s economy.

If you’ve never heard of us that’s our own fault. We have, until recently (2020), only worked with large international organizations. Our role was to execute turnkey training, education, assessment and recruiting solutions on their behalf. Sure it was profitable (and remains so).

Then covid hit and exposed (or highlighted) all the weaknesses in every aspect of every business. We all learned quickly how our people felt about the office, our office. A career. A job. The lifestyle. The comp. The future. Our industry. Your industry. It wasn’t pretty. Worse, no one seemed to have real solutions.

Just more connectivity. More Tech. More patience. More flexibility. To us these were poor excuses for solving business problems which are really people problems.

Chip, Lonzo, Tara, Mimi

What we decided to do

At CareerNet we solve workplace people problems. Our projects were leggy. Many were cleanups from failed consulting efforts. Some were structural, like:

“even if we had training, we’d have no trainers..” or,

“We need to hire 50 programmers but there are only 100 in the world that are actually qualified…”

Maybe because we’ve built, sold, downsized, merged, grown, downsized, grown and built again we know how to deal with difficult problems.

Guess what? It’s almost always about your people. Finding and developing the right ones. Giving them the economic opportunities they want. Aligning those opportunities with the goals of your business. Making sure it stays aligned.

Doing it in a way that does not interfere with the current business and is not a drain on resources. Or a strain on current employees.

Our inhouse solutions did just that. Now we bring them to our clients of all sizes – be they 1 woman shops seeking to double their employee count, or, be they Nations filling national workforce gaps. (Yes nations are some of our longest lasting clients). Isn’t that what good quality HR should be about?

(It’s not only about organizing benefits and payroll. Although, these are mission critical too).

Meanwhile…a community is waiting.

Our goal is to bring our clients the best available talent or, in times of labor contraction, create talent with training.

Our world wide mission is to match talent and skills with economic opportunity.

Formality aside, making the economic and career landscape better for employees and businesses is what we do. We (you and us) have each encountered obstacles in pursuit of our personal economic and career goals. We have also operated or been part of businesses or organizations that struggle at times to find solutions to problems that impact their successes.

We believe the answer is always in an organization’s people. Sure that sounds like a simple clich√©. But it amazes us how few organizations make efforts to train or enhance their in-house talent beyond on-boarding / six months.

Let’s change that.


We all know what we know. Let’s listen if we don’t. We are all experienced and smart enough to work collaboratively towards a real solution. We can even deliver it on time!

Check back if you share our aspirations:

  • Let’s make it simple for busy people to learn new skills without night-school or weekend classes.
  • Let’s reduce the pressure and requirements on hiring professionals so that they can interview for fit. Proper employee fit is a direct indicator of long term productivity. Only hiring pros within an organization can really identify fit for their organization.
  • Let’s remove the tech creep from HR. It’s time consuming and expensive.
  • Let’s get more people into careers they can enjoy.
  • Let’s make companies (people) more productive and successful.

Join the discussion. Together we create great solutions.

Join the Conversation. Influence our World.


About CareerNet

Founded in 1996, CareerNet is a world leader in recruiting, training and educating top employees for the world’s economy. Our goal is to bring our clients the best available talent. Our world wide mission is to match talent and skills with economic opportunity.

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