Recruiting Budget not showing enough ROI?

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The One Big Idea
January 16, 2023

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Hire Entry Level people only.  

Why? There are many reasons.  


They are blank slates. They come with nothing but enthusiasm and basic skills. They are free of bad habits developed within past work environments.  


They are eager to learn and receptive to training.  


They want to believe in your product or service.  They have never experienced a product or service delay or failure. Let’s face it every company has them.  


They want to succeed. They want to advance their careers and they want to do it with your company.  


They are far less expensive.  


They are receptive to professional criticism if it helps to advance their career. 

What they need from you.  

Proper Onboarding   

We can all use some work on this. Educating entry levels on company expectations for their role is key. Clearly define performance milestones – this doesn’t need to be fancy; a PowerPoint will do – in fact, Gen Z’ers love PowerPoints. Simple outlines of key concepts. Gen Z for sure learned this way in high school and college. It’s familiar.  

Teach the culture too. Are you 8:00 – 5:00ers, 9:00 t0 6:00ers, something else? Are your project or process biased. Is it about deliverables or is it about evolution. They need to know this.  

Benefits – More than just a selection of healthcare and 401 k options. More than, “Here are the brochures”. Actually, teach them about it.   

Training unique to your company – systems, services, products, client/customer types  

A Mentor – yes this is an overused buzz word. Someone that is both a teacher and a believer in your company. Someone that has succeeded at the entry level position.  

What about the need for more senior hires – sure they happen. People vacate positions or move to other companies.  


This one Big Idea has long term benefits – if you hire lots of entry level, you can develop the best your way and promote from within – it’s really the best method and should be the first move for any company.  


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