BlogCareerNet celebrates getting back to work with free job postings (as an introduction to our new recruitment system).

September 7, 2021

CareerNet is currently offering Free Job postings on its re-designed recruitment system. Yes free. As a long time leader in career development, learning, recruiting and employment, CareerNet is always seeking the best simple solutions for the career industry. We may even shed some light on an otherwise bleak hiring market.

Enterprises of all sizes may post jobs for FREE (link embedded) and individuals can apply for jobs (link embedded) after creating their own CareerNet profile.

As most HR professionals know posting a job and receiving lots of resumes (fake, suspect or real) is the easy part. Sorting, reviewing, filtering, report creating, printing, clipping are the next tedious efforts. Our recruitment system eliminates most of that tedium. We built it for people. We won’t make claims of superior efficiency achieved by AI, machine learning or the latest algorithmic parsing. Seriously what good is any of that if the resume content is questionable to begin with?

We began designing this new system the old fashioned way. We asked a question. “What can we do to improve hiring results for the client?” (BTW: We will post an article to address this very question in detail early next week).

In answering this question we built a simple, inexpensive solution for companies and the people looking to be hired by them. Free Job Posts are just the beginning.

People First, Tech Second.

We have written about resumes and resume aggregators in the past. Generally we don’t like them. That is why we sought a better solution for our clients. It begins with proper job listings on our unique site plus proper qualification questions. See these as your automated mini-interview.  You provide the questions, we provide some perspective and before you know it (usually less than 2 weeks) a large pool of scored, prequalified, motivated candidates appear.

Next, Look Beyond the Resume with CareerNet Assessments

CareerNet Assessments (link embedded) offers comprehensive benefits that streamline the hiring and recruiting process. Proper new hire fit is the goal here and, when done correctly, reduces the training and on-boarding process which means greater speed to productivity and long term job success.

CareerNet Assessments are customized through a simple process – a company selects its best employees for assessment and their results become the benchmarks for hires within their department, team or group.  In this simple way companies get an accurate, meaningful measurement of a candidate’s abilities to succeed within discreate company environments. Again Humans make these decisions, not the ATS.

Skills that Matter, Tested.

It’s difficult to truly understand the skills and skill levels new employees can actually bring to the company. This is why CareerNet offers fully remote skills testing focused on the skill sets employers really need. Each test is based on tasks employees will actually face on the job.  Choose who will receive skills test invitations based upon their qualification questions and assessment results. Skills test invitations are sent by email and hiring pros receive the results directly. That’s part of the CareerNet recruiting solution too.

Interview Properly – Start with the Hard Questions as suggested by our System.

How many times has the candidate been screened by a person, (automated for efficiency) within the CareerNet recruitment system?  3 x – before you go to an interview. What has been accomplished by this approach? Massive time savings for one. Significant hiring error reduction for another.

Now it’s interview time. We have you covered there too. See CareerNet not only sources candidates, we handle the assessments and skills testing too.  We have reviewed the results of hundreds of thousands of assessed and tested applicants across cultures and industries in our history so you can be confident we’ve done the work.  Here is the best part.

Before your first live interview, our assessment solution provides you with unique questions for each of your interviews based upon the unique assessment results of each individual. This gets the interview off in the right direction.

Bias Reduced

There is a bonus here too. If you use the CareerNet system you have significantly reduced any bias that may be within your hiring system.  You can finally trust your data to be accurate and your applicants to be with merit.

And it all starts with a simple job post that’s free.