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August 30, 2021


Identifying the Problem

CareerNet re-entered the job posting space 60 days ago in a logical step from large scale business training, hiring assessment and skills certification solutions.

Many of our clients were seeking not only these services, but an Applicant Tracking System (known in industry as an (ATS”).  They believed a system that organized 100’s or 1,000’s of resumes and applications was a necessary tool for managing the hiring and on-boarding process with a simple, important goal: improved hiring results.

(This is what people look like to an ATS)

We discovered quickly that clients generally want more than one thing in their hiring or ATS solution. Clients came to us for assessments and skills certification but wanted these features integrated into their own, existing ATS.  Then, when CareerNet integrated its assessment and skills certification solutions into the customer’s ATS, customers realized their ATS was part of the problem – it was too cumbersome to manage, difficult to use, required too much training and maintenance.  Their ATS was actually adding hours to the process of hiring and not improving their hiring results – either in quality of candidates or simply seeing more candidates. So we re-designed what was a/the old clunky system into the CareerNet EZ-ATS

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Finding Candidates

Worse, the process of finding applicants remained heavily reliant on job boards, job posting sites and recruiters. Inexpensive 3rd party solutions (like zip recruiter or indeed) collected applicant data and presented it to a web based dashboard.  Companies then downloaded the applicants’ data to a .csv file or similar to a server, and then upload them to the company ATS. With a lot of applicants only partially filing out forms or exaggerating their qualifications (imagine that!) the resulting data added to the company ATS still needs a lot of work. Fixing that data needed to be done manually. Further all the heavy lifting – interviews / background checks / training / assessments / references all still needed doing and most of these efforts were manual or required further 3rd party verifications.

You can see how this process led to less than optimal hiring – it essentially created huge amounts of mediocre data and then added hours of HR time to the process of managing / sorting and filtering the data ahead of actually interviewing the applicant.

Convinced the secret isn’t huge amounts of data you can not believe in?

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CareerNet Makes a Decision

Having assembled solutions to manage huge hiring, assessment and skills certification deployments – in some cases as large as countries – we learned a few things about what it takes to hire successfully.

  1. The hiring solution need to combine Job listings, pre-application questions, corporate fit assessments and skills verification – before the interviews begin.
  2. The job advertising/posting solution needed to be a one stop solution that offered a company the most exposure to applicants we could assemble.
  3. Verification and background checks needed to be simple and high quality.
  4. All these services needed to be fiscally prudent.
  5. Any solution needed to reduce a) mediocre data, b) HR hours, c) employee turnover.


The CareerNet Hiring Solution


It all begins with a Job Posting – we offer free, simple job postings which appear on 40 major traditional job boards. Why is it free? Because hiring people is very different than sorting mediocre data which comes from the current job board method of sorting and parsing resumes.


Finding applicants is the easy part.


Finding verifiable, quality applicants is the hard part.


Here is the method our corporate clients, large and small North America and International use successfully.


  1. A Company posts a job opening on the CareerNet site at
  2. CareerNet Staff prepare pre-application questions reflective of the job’s requirements (years of experience, education background, employment eligibility, anything the company requires). These questions require answers before the application is accepted.
  3. The Company reviews its applications/resumes and determines which applicants it believes are suitable for a corporate fit assessment. The applicant is invited to take the assessment. – Here, if the Company elects to have its applicant(s) assessed – the costs begin. See more on why our assessments work where others do not = > “Click Here
  4. The Company reviews applicant assessment results and then elects to interview or provide applicants with remote, high stakes skills certification or testing. This too is built into our Hiring Solution.
  5. The Company begins the interview process directly with its high quality – vetted applicants with the confidence these applicants are qualified and their selection for interview is unbiased and based upon accurate information and data.
  6. AND Should the Company wish to hire an applicant but the applicant is determined to have skills gaps, CareerNet can provide remote training on any device to fill these skills gaps. We’ve trained 1,000’s.


Our History –


CareerNet was an original job board builder and host beginning in 1994. By 1998 CareerNet had graduated to building complex Applicant Tracking Systems. These large systems required a ton of training and lengthy implementation specific to individual company HR systems. By 2010 we learned we were better trainers than we were HR System designers.  CareerNet began working with our ATS clients and their B2B clients on improving training, education and skills certification to make people better.


Have a look at our selected projects to see how successful we have been internationally.  Here is a link to our partners. You can not be effective in this industry without them.


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