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August 13, 2021

Why is a Cyber Safety and Online Responsibility course not a requirement in schools by the 10th grade? Our curriculum team often asked this question. Even more so since the Covid virus came on the scene and forced students to connect to friends and teachers online.

Seems, Back-to-School will again be a mixed bag of part-time, full time and hybrid in-school settings. For most this means teaching or learning full or part time by internet connected device – lap top, tablet, even smartphone. CareerNet has always placed security, on-line safety and privacy among the vital elements to on-line course design in order that its learners are best protected. Remarkably, we hadn’t found a pure course that taught on-line safety and responsibility to teens (beyond short articles and simple handouts). Most students have the opportunity to learn driver’s safety and driving skills, but few if any learn how to safely manage their digital life. Are they not equally important for the modern day connected student?


Want to sample the Cyber Citizen course? Click here and download the introductory chapter to smartphone along with a few other popular course examples from CareerNet Learning.


The opportunity to put a dent in the teen cyber universe.

When a subject matter expert (the head of internet security for an international IP and Cellular telecommunications company) asked CareerNet to assist in building a full course on cyber safety for teens, we were ALL-IN.  Our curriculum team recognized an opportunity to push beyond the ubiquitous “warnings to students” methodology.  They wanted to make the current informational courses better and more engaging.

Working in collaboration with our subject matter expert, CareerNet Learning set about designing a full course to teach students the practical subjects in cyber security they want to learn:

  • How to identify potential hackers.
  • How to use simple and powerful tools how to protect your digital self from hackers.
  • How to learn from the internet mistakes we all make and how to fix them.
  • How to make responsible decisions when online.
  • How to keep connected devices (smartphone, tablet, laptop, gaming consoles) safe.


Design a course that engages cyber connected students.

Quickly we realized that our goal was to help create responsible, safe connected teens. This would require a newer approach to delivering content that offered simple, stackable concepts. Concepts that could be applied by students with confidence each time an internet connected device was turned on.

For this generation of connected teens there would be certain, “other” requirements, too. The first was direct, honest, intelligent communication. We learned quickly that many teens are far more internet advanced than their professors and teachers. This is where our subject matter experts showed their experience providing content that was useful for teens who are connected newbies and also for serious, long time teen internet users and hobbyists.

By a significant margin, students wanted to learn on their favored device, the one that is in their pocket – a smartphone. All content was designed to be smartphone first. All assignments and testing may be administered on smartphone. Students also wanted the opportunity to work on laptops for longer assignments. CareerNet made the course responsive to laptop and desk top.


The Cyber Citizenship Course.

The Cyber Citizenship course goes beyond cybersecurity basics to include best practices for digital wellness by using engaging, real-world scenarios to cover the main themes; internet cybersecurity and responsible behavior or etiquette. It may be added to the annual curriculum as a supplemental program, extracurricular program or directly into the core instruction.

Cyber Citizenship” (link embedded for course samples) is a smartphone centric, 10 module, 30 hour course complete with certification and e-badging designed for grades 7-10 for either classroom or self-directed learning environments. Students follow 4 characters, students and IT professionals, as they encounter simple and complex challenges faced every day by users of social media, smartphone, internet and enterprise platforms. Quizzes, individual and group projects, video and audio learning aids reinforce important concepts towards interim learning goals. Along the way students are awarded e-badges and upon completion, Cyber Citizen certification.

Available for Android and iPhone by download. Teachers may administer the course via a simple web based LMS from desktop. Available in English and Arabic, this course may be additionally configured to meet cultural, school system and regional needs.

Want to sample the Cyber Citizen course? Click here and download the introductory chapter to smartphone along with a few other popular course examples from CareerNet Learning.


Critical topics for this generation of teens.

 Among the critical topics offered by this course, Cyber Citizenship covers:

  • The three pillars of cybersecurity: Confidentiality, integrity and availability.
  • An overview of hacking, including who hackers are, their motives and the assets they seek.
  • An introduction to malware, such as viruses, worms and Trojans.
  • The psychology of cybercrime, including how cybercriminals use social engineering to exploit human emotions and carry out attacks.
  • Potential vulnerabilities, like passwords and Wi-Fi networks.
  • How to maintain good cyber hygiene through safe passwords, security updates and reducing risky behaviors.
  • The benefits and risks of social media and steps students can take to protect themselves.



Created and designed by CareerNet and subject matter experts Novus Consulting Group in cooperation with teachers and professors of technology, the course is further accredited by The Institute of Leadership and Management (a partner) and City & Guilds (world’s leading authority in certifications) – As this field continues to evolve, the content of the course will stay updated to reflect the latest trends and threats.

Want to sample the Cyber Citizen course? Click here and download the introductory chapter to smartphone along with a few other popular course examples from CareerNet Learning.