BlogCareerNet Blog Begins

August 5, 2021

Making things better for people is what we do. In our continuing efforts to bring real information on all things career, recruitment and CareerNet related, we launch a CareerNet Blog with very specific aims.

  1. To bring essential, actionable information from sources we trust and from our in-the-field experiences.
  2. To act as a filter for our readers as they navigate the job search, recruitment, career preparation, career development and life learning services generally on offer.
  3. To keep our reader informed about our material service upgrades and additions.

We aim to be a true career network. To us this means giving motivated people and enterprises the abilities to become more successful – in the way they define success. We are focused on offering world class, accessible training and education with their logical counterparts, recruitment and placement. We build and curate tools, services and curriculum enabling people and enterprises to solve problems they encounter in these areas.

In our current state CareerNet provides access to many tools at reasonable costs (some free) carefully developed with or shared from internationally recognized partners we have worked with. We only share them with you when we have deployed them at scale with proven results.  Check our projects (click link and scroll to page bottom) to gain an idea on the scope and scale of some of our client’s successes and national deployments.

At its core, CareerNet aims to make people better. By better we mean trained better, educated better, more productive and in so doing make them more valuable to the enterprises seeking to hire or keep them. Better people really do make better employees and better companies.

We are glad to have you aboard.

-The CareerNet Staff


If you want to learn more, have a look at our free services Job Postings which offers a simple form for companies looking to post jobs. Simply fill out the simple form and CareerNet’s crack staff will do the rest.

Another free service is our Career Profile building service. This provides a simple, flexible means for individuals to post resumes and apply for jobs quickly and easily.  It also gives people access to our career tools and real career advice in a simple chat environment.