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AI for Recruiting
July 20, 2023

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It seems every time we pick up a business journal or check one of our social feeds, we see some booming article on AI. It’s understandable. AI promises to remove all the difficulties people face in their lives and work world. And if AI for recruiting can really work it will solve lots of problems. If you haven’t read our Winning Recruiting article, try it here. It’s helpful ahead of bringing AI into your recruiting tool chest. Here, let’s dip into our experience using AI for recruiting.

Will using AI Recruiting Improve Results?

We do find it interesting that AI search has exploded. At Just Interview, we had people create their own accounts and use them in their workflow. Our first intention was to understand what efficiencies using AI for recruiting could provide in speeding our workflow or expanding our reach for candidate sourcing, candidate experience, or job focus strategies.

The results were both remarkable and unremarkable.

Our Testing for AI Recruiting

In the remarkable column, we were able to gain inspiration for any number of tired writing efforts. We were able to begin research on specific topics at a much faster rate than we had in our 10 years previous. We were better able to understand preferred chatbot structure, preferred form structure, preferred meeting structures, preferred deck, preferred social media post structure, preferred e-marketing structure and preferred feature sets in our industry.

These were big gains. Adding AI for recruiting enhances your efforts.

We use the word preferred as a precursor to these subjects because we also discovered that AI search was not providing unique fixes for anything. It was collected data and offered answers based upon our search terms and then articles that ranked high on google search.

Certainly, that’s far better than search results with SEO and Sponsored bias. But the answers with AI for recruiting were collectively mediocre. And herein lies the conundrum. 

Does reliance on AI for Recruiting Produce Mediocrity?

This month we began receiving job descriptions from our clients that were written by ChatGPT, used as an AI recruiting tool. We revised and delivered fast, reliable candidates. As an experiment, we also tried a few of these ChatGPT job descriptions without edits. We received dozens of applicants with the following characteristics:

73% not qualified, 88% unresponsive to information requests, 38% who did not understand the job requirements.

In a word, mediocre results. Mediocre in, mediocre out. Not a great testament to AI for Recruiting.

Final Thoughts using AI for Recruiting

Let’s finish up with a thought, “What business is seeking mediocre anything?”. If you or your company are going to use ChatGPT for answers, maybe just use it as a starting point. Ai for recruiting helps to focus your plan. It sees the same data you do, organizes it well, and speaks it back to you. That is progress for sure and in time it may develop the ability to recognize the great from the merely adequate.

But not yet. Not as an AI-based recruitment platform.

Be honest with yourself, if you are spending way too much time and far too much money to hire mediocre candidates, maybe give us a call.

Focus on what your true purpose and expertise. Outsource the rest, responsibly. That’s modern business operation. That’s the real promise of B2B across the Web.

Have a great rest week end.

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