Applicants are not Data

Stop using ATS and Job Boards to find them.

Move away from this universally accepted, tech first approach.


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Listing jobs and collecting resumes?

This method needs to change.

Here are a few important reasons why.

There are plenty of recruiting technologies out there. automations, applicant tracking (the ATS), job boards (on company sites and pay to post a job), resume search and social media. These solutions have all become a commodities.

Big Box Job Boards and job listing services have helped companies post jobs and get hundreds to thousands of resumes to review in a matter of minutes. Think about the added work. This led to the industry standard: “Give it a 15 second look.” 

Now add to the process the growing number of fake resumes. We include resumes written by AI, resumes posted by people not looking for jobs, “click-to-apply” applicants who “click” everything. Just a few more reasons you can’t find qualified people.

Big Box job boards are just bigger ATS with bigger advertising budgets. Your job listing fee or free-to-post service uses key words in your job description and application form and matches them to resumes. 

Hooray! Now you have 1,000’s maybe 10,000 questionable resumes in your in-box to review. Plus added benefits like Hours more work and the advantages of questionable data. That’s progress! (We are kidding here folks.)

The effects of these tools are not as advertised. Surprising! Companies start seeing people hired as replacable data points. They discount their value. They take less time to train and likely no time to develop their talents. 

New hires sense it immediately. Overall performance is hit or miss. Most continue to apply for jobs after being hired. 

Still, if resume collecting is the goal, we won’t stand in your way…

Better Applicants

They build careers at your company. They are committed to your success.

Solid Foundation

The foundation of your business is its people. Quality and retention over time.

A New Way

Recruiting is broken. Hiring solutions are the future. A  Long-term Solutions.

Better applicants are good for all stakeholders.

We’ve been recruiting for decades. In that time, the most important things we learned are simple: Companies want the best applicants and, the best applicants are not always available.

So, we set out to change this dynamic by focusing on training applicants in the skills companies like yours need most. Then verifying those skills.

Resumes and interviews rarely bring the results companies expect from their new hires. That’s a problem no recruiter and amount of technology can solve.

That’s why we stopped recruiting. It’s a short-term solution to a bigger problem.

Companies need consistent, engaged, motivated staff that grows with their business and have the aptitude and skills to adjust with changing strategies.

Why are great applicants Important?


Without them, we all go nowhere.


It’s our goal to create a job seeker and applicant pool for every growing industry or business. That requires we spend more time on each individual candidate than our clients do.

It’s not about shovelling Giga-bytes of resume data into your ATS.

It’s about learning how and why your company adds people to your staff and creating a unique framework to consistently source them in real time.

At CareerNet we use different metrics in determining our success like:

1) Sourcing, qualifying and training applicants for a client’s long term goals,

2) How long our applicants stay with a company; and,

3) How many times the companies we work with come back for more applicants.

A quick case study

Not long ago, we began working with a private company reliant on skilled mechanics. This company would spend months searching for the right applicants then a few weeks negotiating their compensation, only to lose them to bigger companies within 12 months. We recognized that the company had great in-house training capability. So we worked with them to source entry and second level mechanics that needed training and experience. The result? They have a consistent labor source and we have a client we are confident will enhance our applicants’ career paths. Their revenues continue to grow. Our applicants continue to gain experience and grow their careers.

Don’t pay lip service to “Great Employees make great businesses” mantra.

Actually Do It!

We do these things so you can focus more of your time on the things that make your company great; Growth Strategy, launching new products and services, building your franchise, owning your market.

These things are challenging enough! Let the experts in long-term people development handle the rest.

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