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Pre and Post Hire

HRIS / HRMS Integration

Transform your Human Resources processes into strategic Talent Management practices. Our tools empower you to more effectively manage your business and add value to your organization.

Our recruitment solutions include a company Career Center and Applicant Tracking to better help manage your recruiting process from developing the requisition and sourcing the right candidates, to managing offers and OnBoarding.

Our powerful Employee Referral tool enables current employees to be your best source for finding applicants. By rewarding your employees for nominating contacts for internal positions, you keep them engaged and active in the process.

Managing your external staffing firms, whether used for executive or contingent labor fulfillment, can be a full time job. With CareerNET’s Vendor Management, you can send jobs directly to your preferred vendors from the job requisition, then receive, review and accept or reject candidates with the click of your mouse.

Employee Performance Management includes key functionality from goal alignment, employee coaching and mentoring, and managing the four phase appraisal process, all designed to help move your organization from a paper-based system to a strategic engagement where you can measure and motivate top talent.

Succession Planning helps you understand your available talent and who is available to transition into other positions. Combine it with Career Development and you have the ultimate resource to build talent pools and employer employees to stay involved in their career with your organization.

Streamline your learning strategy with a solution that manages resources, delivers on-demand education and tracks employee’s certifications with CareerNET’s Learning Management Solution.

Compensation Management is powerful resource for salary planning, sales force tracking, variable pay management and more. It is a critical component of pay-for-performance and completes the compensation and incentive plan.

Pre Hire Solutions

  • Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
  • Corporate Career Center
  • OnBoarding
  • Cross - Posting Manager
  • Job Board Integration
  • Contact Management
  • Bi-Directional Outlook Integration
  • Offer Management
  • Advanced Conceptual Searching
  • Survey Tools and Reporting
  • Employee Referral System (ERsmart)
  • Smart Reporter -Powerful Built-in Reporting Capabilities
  • Background Screening

Post Hire Solutions

  • Employee Performance Management (EPM)
  • Learning Management System (LMS)
  • Career Development and Succession Planning (CDSP)
  • Compensation Management (CM)
  • OffBoarding
  • Vendor and Staffing Agency Management

Editions: Professional and Enterprise

Streamline Recruitment, Employee Performance Management and Learning Management with CareerNET’s Professional Edition. Clients can purchase these modules together or separately which is perfect for small to mid-sized organizations. Our Professional Edition is very affordable, highly configurable and can be implemented in a few hours.

Transform all your Talent Management practices with CareerNET’s Enterprise Edition. Our fully integrated suite of solutions is highly configurable with virtually unlimited scalability.


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