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Career Building

Our philosophy is simple; an individual can grow only when challenged. We offer only the most rigorous curriculum combined with international testing and accreditation to produce skilled employees across many industries. Our education process is a “building-blocks” approach to life-long learning and continuing education, offering skilled labor a pathway to management, business ownership, or university and advanced degrees.

Our partner in skilled worker training is the world’s premier provider of internationally recognized courses and certification, City & Guilds. In Saudi Arabia, we are City & Guild’s sole representatives and recently became an ILM Centre.

Training Trainers

Members of staff need to train others as part of their jobs. Whether you are training co-workers on a new skill or process, or a manager who needs to induct a new team; it doesn’t matter how much you know about your subject if you can’t share it with others. CareerNet ‘Train the Trainer’ provides essential knowledge and practical skills for anyone involved in training and assessing adults.  We cover things like learners’ needs, preparing lessons and providing feedback.

Throughout the programme the emphasis is on ensuring a quality experience for learners engaged – i.e. the students of the programme participants. Through practical activities, including micro lessons, participants have the opportunity to develop new skills and different approaches to training and learning that will help maximize the quality of the experience of their learners.

Curriculum Development

At CareerNet, with our partners, we have led education development work in many areas,and we enjoy working with governments to help shape their education policy. We recognise the opportunity to take an important leadership role in developing this curriculum for the MENA Region.
Along with our partners, City & Guilds we offer world class leadership in education and trianing. We work tirelessly to achieve our purpose to provide people and organisations with the skills they need for economic and personal growth. Our progressive programmes are recognised internationally as the benchmark for excellence and we have had vast experience in working with governments to develop their education systems.

Personnel Mangement

A sample of our Personnel Management Offerings Includes:

Applicant Tracking Solutions (ATS) commonly referred to as an ATS, is a software application that enables the electronic handling of a company’s recruitment needs. Applicant tracking software allows an organization to collect and store candidate and job related data and track and monitor the process of candidates through all stages of the hiring process.

Applicant tracking software can be used to post job openings on a corporate website or job board, screen resumes, and generate interview requests to potential candidates by email.

Assessment Technologies also called pre or post employment tests or employment screening tests, are used to help employers identify candidates that will be a good fit for jobs at their company. Talent assessments help predict a new hire’s on-the-job performance and retain ability, so, in theory, applicants that pass the screening test should perform better as employees if they’re hired. Talent assessment tests are based on hiring and retention case studies and analyzing employee data. The test results will give the company an indication of how close a match the candidate taking the test will be to the preferred or successful employee.

Learning Management Systems (LMSs) for the administration, documentation, tracking, reporting and delivery of e-learning education courses or training programs. LMSs range from systems for managing training and educational records to software for distributing online or blended/hybrid college courses over the Internet with features for online collaboration. Colleges and universities use LMSs to deliver online courses and augment on-campus courses. Corporate training departments use LMSs to deliver online training, as well as to automate record-keeping and employee registration.

Succession Planning Technologies increases visibility by enabling organizations to easily identify and develop top talent. In addition to grooming upcoming talent to move into key positions, Succession Planning Technologies assist in the identification and potential gaps in corporate succession planning. These technologies also enable a corporation to plan for its future, to identify strengths and weaknesses, and to ultimately identify and cultivate the high performing employees who may be potential managerial and executive level successors.

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