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Our products are designed to meet the needs of our customers while maintaining an international standard. We place the student of any age first, and through this simple discipline require the same of our project partners. We are embedded in each culture within which we provide our services. Importantly, we keep long term, physical locations in each city wherein our services are needed. We are not extended stay consultants. We are truly long term partners to our students, our government and corporate clients. Our MENA mandates serve the needs of an exciting, fast growing, economic region facing employment challenges  which inevitably arise as resources and capital stretch to serve expanding populations.

In partnership with City & Guilds, our offerings have included vocational qualifications in 13 industries ranging from the automotive to the oil and gas sector. These courses are designed for everyone, from individuals wanting to enter the job market through to experienced employees wishing to acquire new skills.  From curriculum mandates which improve and enhance the k-12 teaching and learning experience, to vocational and leadership / management training platforms, methods, curriculum and training, we are educationalists. We believe each individual’s opportunities may be expanded through education, training, and on going learning systems.

United Kingdom

Historically our UK coverage has been both limited and bespoke. However, we have recently increased our senior management and director staff numbers in the United Kingdom in anticipation of higher demand for our services. Changing employment demographics in combination with a rapidly evolving economy will require leading edge, internationally recognized qualifications. The number of young people opting for degree apprenticeships rather than “traditional” university courses is set to skyrocket, a new study has predicted. According to Universities UK, the number of students choosing the “earn while you learn” scheme in England will soar by more than 650%, rising from 640 in 2015/16 to 4,850 a year by 2017/18. Degrees and qualifications learned in flexible work / study and apprenticeship programmes in “building block” configuration will enable long term and affordable education goals to be earned by our students now entering the workforce to fill crucial job openings which ultimately become career paths.

North America

Our North American Offices, located in the business friendly and growing region of South Florida, have until recently focused on serving the technology solution needs of the Human Resources industry.  Our managing personnel have a combined 50 years in positions of senior management wherein they specialized in management training and the launch of regional and nationwide strategic initiatives that have become core, lasting service offerings of their respective institutions. As the North American economy shifts to meet the needs of concentrated regional growth, its workforce needs are pivoting too. Working with Municipal, State, and National agencies, our expertise in training and apprenticeship systems (building and management) is in high demand. We focus on individual training, work with economic stake holders including large private and corporate institutions, unions, and institutions of higher education to develop a cohesive and licensed workforce to meet the needs of a robust economy with shortages in skilled labor.

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