A note from our President:

The skills our students acquire are going to be very valuable for all of us, regardless of the details of changing technologies, evolving work flows, new regulations, and structural upheavals.  Our graduates will bring into the workforce a thorough knowledge of real-world skills, knowledge and practice that will help ensure the accuracy and timeliness of records, meet the needs of employers, and ensure progress in the generations to come.  As qualification and curriculum development consultancy, we recognize an obligation to support students.

– Patrick J. Lochrie

Our View

Our philosophy is simple; an individual can grow only when challenged. We offer only the most rigorous curriculum combined with international testing and accreditation to produce skilled employees across many industries. Our education process is a “building-blocks” approach to life-long learning and continuing education, offering skilled labor a pathway to management, business ownership, or university and advanced degrees.

At CareerNet, with our partners, we have led education development work in many areas,and we enjoy working with governments to help shape their education policy. We recognise the opportunity to take an important leadership role in developing this curriculum for the MENA Region.

World Class Education Leaders

Our partner in skilled worker training is the world’s premier provider of internationally recognized courses and certification, City & Guilds. In Saudi Arabia, we are City & Guild’s sole representatives and recently became an ILM Centre.

Our Ethic

Along with our partners, City & Guilds we offer world class leadership in education and trianing. We work tirelessly to achieve our purpose to provide people and organisations with the skills they need for economic and personal growth. Our progressive programmes are recognised internationally as the benchmark for excellence and we have had vast experience in working with governments to develop their education systems.

Our Promise

  1. We shall listen carefully to you and help you find the right learning, qualification or support to achieve your corporate goals
  2. We shall ensure you know what to expect, who will support you and how they can help
  3. We shall be flexible in how we support you and make it easy for you to get in touch with us
  4. We shall endeavour to understand your needs and circumstances to make sure you get the most out of our relationship
  5. We shall treat you fairly, politely and with respect
  6. We shall ensure our staff are professional and have the skills and knowledge to provide the support you wish to receive

We invite your thoughts and discussion in the improvement of your workforce

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