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Education, Training, Opportunity

World Class Curriculum, Internationally Recognized Certification
Since 2009 CareerNet has been engaged within the GCC and MENA delivering educational programmes and consulting services, online and on-campus for young adults and seasoned professionals seeking vocational and management advancement, accreditation and certification.  Our experiences are grass roots, hands on, and run deep. We began with traditional facilities based training to post high school level students.  This experience has brought insight to us and success to our students. Now we operate in a variety of training and education capacities at all levels of society with top educators and education stakeholders.  

Curriculum, training, teaching. For the Individual, or the Institution. 

Our methods never forget the value in each person, their goals, their growth, their opportunity.  

You Will Love it

Sometimes our students say “It’s too hard” sometimes “Hey that was easy” but we always hear that was fun and cool.

Study to Get Ahead

Old fashioned classroom group study works wonders with committed students

Study From Home

Yes you can, with some of the best online facilities in the world, together we meet the demands of our modern economy.

Friendly 24/7

We are here all day everyday to help you achieve your goals. No exceptions. (except for a Holiday here and there)

Training Films

We have a massive library of video tutorials designed to enhance our traditional teaching and learning methods.

Your Career

Follow your passion. It will lead to a great career. As you advance we have the methods for personal improvement.

Career Pathway

Along the way, our students return to update their skills and certification!

We bring youth and energy to match our students ambitions!

Our World Class Partners in Education

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